Anderson Borba

Santos, Brazil, 1972




Anderson Borba’s sculptures employ industrial-grade wood, cardboard, textiles as well as vintage lifestyle and fashion magazines. These materials form his starting point. The artist carves, burns, paints over, presses and manipulates these elements in a process-guided construction, resulting in rugged bodily forms, cracked but seductive. Influenced as much by the historical canon of sculptures as by the self-taught carvers of inner Brazil, Anderson Borba operates in a complex arrangement between concept and experience, dislocating and unraveling the physical body to the point of anthropomorphic abstraction.

Among his recent solo exhibitions are I’ve seen one of these, Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo, Brazil (2022); The End Begins at the Leaf — Anderson Borba & Antonio Tarsis, BeAdvisors Art, Londres, UK (2021); Anderson Borba & Alex Canonico, Kupfer Gallery, London, UK (2021) and Ride the Worm, Set Gallery, London, UK (2018).

He has also taken part in the group shows Nunca só essa mente, nunca só esse mundo, Carpintaria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2023); Comporta 2023, Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel + kurimanzutto, Comporta, Portugal (2023); Para-raios para energias confusas, Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo, Brazil (2023); Eccentric spaces, The Artist Room, London, UK; I Could Eat You, Clearing + Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel + Madragoa, Casa de Cultura da Comporta, Comporta, Portugal (2022); and Tragédia!, Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo, Brazil (2022).