Anderson Borba



Materials are the starting point for Anderson Borba’s sculptures, which employ found, industrial-grade wood, cardboard, fabric, as well as old lifestyle and fashion magazines. Heeded by a mental image, the artist will chisel, burn, paint, press and manipulate his materials in a process-oriented construction that uses the human figure as a pattern for formal decisions, resulting in rough, chapped, yet seductive corporeal forms. Owing as much to the art historical canon of sculpture as to the self-taught artists from inland Brazil, Borba operates in a complex arrangement of concept and empiricism, dislocating and unfolding the physical body till the point of an anthropomorphic abstraction.


“My practice favours the construction of form. I use a diverse cultural vocabulary to investigate sexuality and identity through tactile connection with the material. I use reclaimed wood sourced from the streets to explore its physicality and texture, recognizing this marginal and discarded material’s ancestral richness. Its scents, textures, and nodes working as stratifications of time.”
— Anderson Borba