Gokula Stoffel_a noite e o dia_3

Gokula Stoffel

Porto Alegre, Brazil, 1988
Lives and works in São Paulo



Gokula Stoffel’s works are born from attention to her surroundings, and familiarity with her materials is provided by the context in which she produces, while her works are informed and nourished by encounter and exchange. The artist incorporates fabrics she received as a gift, branches of lavender collected near her studio, in daily almost meditative exercises and conversations with friends and acquaintances. Upholstery, weaves, resins, natural and synthetic fibers share space in compositions that articulate a free execution with palpable emotional intensity, in a practice that bridges media such as painting, sculpture, embroidery and drawing. Stoffel might use her hands in one work, brushes and thread in others, revealing an underlying order, supported not by fidelity to a technique and its clear execution, but by a sinuous practice, which incorporates chance and the inherent properties of nature and matter.

Her solo exhibitions include Persona, Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo, Brazil (2021); Fevereiro, Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo, Brazil (2019); Change-Change Project, Budapest, Hungary (2018); Para-Sol, Pivô, São Paulo, Brazil (2018); Alvorada de Vênus, Auroras, São Paulo, Brazil (2018). Among her recent group shows are The Moon Between My Teeth, Elizabeth Xi Bauer, London, UK (2023); Espantália, Lanterna Mágica | Projeto Vênus, São Paulo, Brazil (2023); Drops, Galeria Index, Brasília, Brazil (2021); Punk Alegria Tropical, Galeria Dândi, São Paulo, Brazil (2019); Nightfall, Mendes Wood DM, Brussels, Belgium (2018); Individuation as an Instrument of Abstraction, Kunsteverein, Berlin, Berlin, Germany (2016) and Abre Alas #12, A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2016).