Tatiana Chalhoub




Tatiana Chalhoub’s production is structured according to the technical and formal parameters of painting, expanded through ceramics, in warped reliefs with tactile surfaces. The fusion between image and matter that takes place in her works causes pigment spots in enamel or oxidized finishes to take on the contours of a landscape or still life. Loose pieces, fragments and residue are processed into reinterpretations of nature, art history or mental notes, bringing together these disparate pieces in a world marked by liquid hues and aqueous tones. In pieces suspended between icons and small-scale atmospheres, Chalhoub embraces the chance and unpredictability of studio practice, designing pictorial solutions based on breaks, noise and process deviations.


Among her recent solo shows are Romper o dia, crack of dawn, Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo, Brazil (2024); Mais uma casa, Kubik Gallery + Espaço Cama, São Paulo, Brazil (2022); On the grass, 1111 Project Space, Budapest, Hungary (2019) and O brilho do bronze, Galeria Ibeu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2015). Her recent solo shows include Contra-flecha: gestos de amor, práticas de sedução, Almeida & Dale, São Paulo, Brazil (2024); Nunca só essa mente, nunca só esse mundo, Carpintaria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2023); Desmanchar, desfaz, Quadra, São Paulo, Brazil (2022).