Sergej Jensen

Nature and Nothing

May  4-27, 2006

Galeria Fortes Vilaça

Galeria Fortes Vilaça is pleased to present the Danish artist Sergej Jensen's first Brazilian solo exhibition, entitled Nature and Nothing. The show consists of nine paintings and two tapestries made of hemp, jute, silk, and wool, which gain force through the tension between geometric abstraction and organic materials and forms.

Several paintings in the exhibition favor the creation of ample and empty pictorial spaces. In these works, special attention is dedicated to the texture of the canvas's constitutive fabric and to the treatment of large planes of color, where the artist alternates the use of paint (addition) and bleach (subtraction.) He thus creates his own iconography of reduced gestures, of flecks and points of colors that refuse any form. Such is the case of Sunny Garden, a seventy by sixty centimeter painting in tones of gold and green, and of Diamond, where black and grayish flecks form the evanescent figure that gives the painting its title.

In other works Jensen creates a constructive geometry forged with uncertain lines and "dirty" colors. São Paulo Exhibitio I and II, the largest paintings in the exhibition, are compositions made with pieces of colored jute sewn into each other, without any paint applied. In Untitled (strahler), he creates a fleeting pattern through the superposition of rectangles in tones of graphite and brick. A seam unites the lower and upper parts of the canvas, which is stretched on an oblique frame, which highlights the texture of the fabric and gives movement to the geometric pattern. Young Yellow Triangle and Nothing and Nature are geometric compositions of extreme simplicity, which establish a more immediate relationship with minimalist homage.

Sergej Jensen is currently participating in the Berlin Biennial and was included in the last São Paulo Biennial. His solo shows include the Anton Kern Gallery, New York, in the U.S., and the Galerie Neu, Berlin and the Kunstverein Braunschweig (with Stefan Müller) in Germany.