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Yuli Yamagata

São Paulo, Brazil, 1989
Lives and works in São Paulo




Yuli Yamagata’s work involves manipulating textile materials, resins and readily-identified daily objects. The central role occupied by stitching in her practice attests to her procedure of juxtaposing and agglutinating heterogeneous elements, giving form to figures placed between the organic and the artificial. Her stuffed volumes and plush textures, apart from the synthetic, intense colors she employs make her corporeal images and prosthetic limbs project beyond the frame or the surface, occupying surrounding space with the hyperbolic, fragmentary formal configurations of comic books and manga. These aspects, along with the frequent presence of unusual beings, her suggestive titles and the stitched-together look of the works draws them near to the realm of the grotesque, of horror movies and science fiction.

Among her recent solo exhibitions are Dois Pra Cá, Dois Pra Lá, Carpintaria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2023); The New, The Old and The Hole, Anton Kern Gallery, New York, USA (2023); Afasta, Nefasta, ORDET, Milan, Italy (2022); Nervo, MAC Niterói – Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói, Niterói, Brazil (2021); Insônia, Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo, Brazil (2021); Sweet Dreams, Nosferatu, Anton Kern Gallery, New York, USA (2021). Yamagata was featured in the group shows Nunca Só Essa Mente, Nunca Só Esse Mundo Carpintaria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2023); O Curso do Sol, Gomide & Co, São Paulo, Brazil (2023); The Post-Modern Child, MOCA Busan, Busan, Coreia do Sul (2023) and A Sua Estupidez, Carpintaria, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (2022).