Carlos Bevilacqua

Módulos Eternos

Jun 14 – Jul 12, 2008

Galpão Fortes Vilaça

Módulos Eternos [Eternal Modules] is Rio de Janeiro artist Carlos Bevilacqua's first show at Fortes Vilaca. The installation is made up of seven extremely light sculptures suspended within the space of the gallery.

The modules are ring-shaped forms like halos or mandalas, which unfold at the right angles at eye level. Four of them are hung by wires attached to the ceiling, while the other three are supported by cables stretched diagonally between two walls, like notes strung on the lines of sheet music. The analogy with music also involves the chromatic relations. The modules are painted in specific tones of red and blue in such a way that they give rise to an optical illusion of a white halo. The artist compares this phenomenon to an assonant “chord”.

The sculptures have an extremely smooth surface, and the colors are solid.  These are the first works done with expanded PVC by this artist, who mainly works with wood, metal and other materials. This new material allows for the making of large sculptures that are nevertheless light, while also having excellent paint-absorption qualities, allowing the artist achieve precise color vibration.

On the floor, under the sculptures, Bevilacqua has placed a carpet made of white rubber cut in triangular shapes. This element underscores the geometric relations between the artworks while simultaneously creating a visual field for them.