Luiz Zerbini

Ele vê o que ele sabe

Sep 19 – Oct 23, 2010

Galpão Fortes Vilaça

Galeria Fortes Vilaça is pleased to present new artworks by Luiz Zerbini, in an exhibition that features figurative and abstract paintings, collages and video. In this recent production, Zerbini radicalizes the discourse on landscape, resorting to saturation in the field of painting and exploring its unfolding in new media.

Geometric abstraction appears as a structural element in his figurative paintings, in his purely abstract paintings, and also as a subject of a series of works made with slide frames and colored gelatin.

A myriad of elements from nature are interwoven on a distant horizon in the canvas High Definition, where colored horizontal lines are overlaid to the image, as though they were defects generated on a computer screen. In Lago quadrado [Square Lake], a tree is seen in the foreground, against an iridescent multicolored background. Mar do Japão [Sea of Japan] is another large-format painting where the artist establishes layers: species of flora teeming against a horizontal geometric grid, against a seascape. Structured in the overlaying of images and the saturation of colors, these artworks create a kind of gravitational field for all the other works in the exhibition.

The video Sertão [Arid Backlands] proposes a moment of deceleration and contemplation, where electronic errors – squares with colors similar to those in High Definition – reappear on the surface of a lake that reflects the clouds in the sky. 

Zerbini is also presenting abstract collages, subtracting the images from old slides to create a new geometric composition loaded with memory. The artist glues the frames side-by-side and sometimes fills them with colored gelatin, using the vibrations of the colors and the luminosity of the material.

Luiz Zerbini is participating in the 29th Bienal de São Paulo, with the installation Inferninho [Little Hell]. In 2010, the artist also released the book Luiz Zerbini, of the collection ARTE BRA, by Aeroplano publishers.