Carlos Bevilacqua


Mar 18 – Apr 17, 2010

Galeria Fortes Vilaça

Galeria Fortes Vilaça is pleased to present Dois [Two], by Carlos Bevilacqua. The exhibition features a series of ten never-before-shown sculptures made using materials such as wood, stone, steel, glass, rope, felt, lead and rubber. The artworks are arranged on the floor, ceiling and walls, and demonstrate Bevilacqua’s knack for creating pieces that are economical in their materiality and yet discuss – in a singular way – questions intrinsic to sculpture, such as movement, tension and balance.

The title Dois emphasizes the principle of the construction of the sculptures: they are all made up of two or more parts. They thus form serial and “fluctuating” structures striving to balance and harmonize opposing forces. In Bevilacqua’s own words, “The two can be a pair of equals, of opposites, of being and anti-being, sky and earth, wave and particle, static and dynamic forces, volume and void.”

The sculptures can be seen as conglomerates of small geometric structures, involving spherical and circular shapes as a common thread. For the artist, “the true vocation of a sphere is movement,” and therefore all the artworks involve dimensions of movement, trajectory, gravity, velocity and space-time. Bevilacqua takes up the challenge of discussing the concept of “movement” in sculptures – which are mechanically predisposed to seek balance and repose – creating artworks that suggest an imminent movement within themselves, as in the work Sete Céus [Seven Skies].

The structures of the pieces are always apparent and the artist emphasizes the empty fields, understood as material. Bevilacqua’s practice is informed by physics, astronomy and mathematics, which are revealed in the countless spatial combinations explored in his sculptures.