Coletiva de Verão

Dec 13, 2014 – Jan 30, 2015

Galeria Fortes Vilaça


Press Release

Rodrigo Cass | Marine Hugonnier | Lucia Laguna | Jac Leirner | Ernesto Neto | Nuno Ramos | Marina Rheingantz

Galeria Fortes Vilaça is pleased to present the group show Coletiva de Verão [Summer Group Show], featuring works by Ernesto Neto, Jac Leirner, Lucia Laguna, Marina Rheingantz, Marine Hugonnier, Nuno Ramos and Rodrigo Cass.

Ernesto Neto presents a penetrable sculpture made of ropes, wood and granite. The crochet made with the ropes composes a complex membrane held up by being tied to the ceiling, a technique common to the artist’s body of work in recent years. The public is invited to enter the sculpture and take a winding path through its interior, discovering the texture of the interlaced ropes and the graphic patterns of its base. The work’s title, yube crochê, refers to the boa constrictor, which in the beliefs of the indigenous peoples is linked to life and knowledge. Yube is also the name of the character in Amazonian mythology who brought the knowledge of how to prepare ayahuasca – a ritualistic, hallucinogenic drink said to have healing powers.

On the main wall, works by various artists create an abstract idea of a place in nature through chromatic experiments with the color green. In Jac Leirner’s watercolor the green is organized geometrically in the transparency of the glazings, while in the drawing by Nuno Ramos it gains material presence with a thick layer of oil paint. Forest (Amazonia / -4° 49.248′, -56° 47.455′ / 6.30 pm / 28°), by Marine Hugonnier, was created by the exposure of photosensitive paper at a determined time and place (indicated by the coordinates of the title), in a way that makes the work a record of the emanation of the heat of that environment. Marina Rheingantz refers to a forest by mixing geometric patterns with the landscape, while Lucia Laguna presents a small painting in which it is possible to identify fragments of her garden. Finally, the work by Rodrigo Cass caps off the show with the intense symbolic charge of a feather embedded in a piece of concrete.