Choque Cultural na Fortes Vilaça

Mar 18 – Apr 20, 2006

Galeria Fortes Vilaça

Renan Cruz | Titi Freak | Rafael Highraff | Andrei Muller | Nunca | Fefe Talavera | Tinho | Zezão

The galleries Choque Cultural and Fortes Vilaça are simultaneously inaugurating on March 18 the exhibitions Fortes Vilaça at Choque Cultural and Choque Cultural at Fortes Vilaça, an exchange of artists represented by the two galleries.

Each gallery chose the works to be shown in its own space so that the "exchange" would occur in a full sense. The team from Choque Cultural chose for its exhibition works by Adriana Varejão, Beatriz Milhazes, Erika Verzutti, Ernesto Neto, Janaína Tschäpe, Leda Catunda, Luiz Zerbini, Mauro Piva, Tiago Carneiro da Cunha, and Vik Muniz. For its part, Fortes Vilaça selected works by Andrei Muller, Fefê Talavera, Nunca, Rafael Highraff, Renan Cruz, Tinho, Titi Freak, and Zezão. The great majority of these works were made especially for this exhibition.

At Fortes Vilaça, Zezão leads the visitor inside the gallery with a painting on the sidewalk. His participation also includes a wall painting and a series of photographs from his "flops." Rafael Highraff is showing a totem made with sheets of medium-density fiberboard that fit into each other, while Titi Freak uses various wood strips and plaques for his paintings. Fefê Talavera creates typographic monsters, made from cut-out letter stickers, which establish a dialogue with the gallery's architecture. Nunca incorporates elements of urban furniture such as iron gates and fences in his paintings. Andrei Muller is showing three paintings inspired by the somber universe of comic strips and heavy metal. Renan Cruz and Tinho incorporate the language of graffiti in a reduced scale of drawing, collage, and painting, with an unmistakable personal style.

In Choque Cultural Vik Muniz is showing for the first time "making of" videos from his recent series Pictures of Junk, as well as a photograph from the same series and a poster made especially for Choque Cultural. Janaina Tschape will project her video Screaming Mermaid onto the gallery's aquarium. Starting with image of the human body, Leda Catunda has developed a work for the gallery's wall and an engraving. Beatriz Milhazes has created two stickers with peace signs and will also show an engraving. The theme of the skill appears in Luiz Zerbini's painting and in a sculpture by Tiago Carneiro da Cunha, who has also made a cut-out-and-do-it-yourself-type poster. Mauro Piva has made a doll and a sticker with the characters who usually inhabit his drawings. Ernesto Neto is showing a sculpture that balances on the gallery's banister. Adriana Varejão is showing photographic works in which her own body appears tattooed.