Marina Rheingantz

Algum dia

Jul 26 – Aug 23, 2008

Galpão Fortes Vilaça

Galeria Fortes Vilaça is pleased to present the exhibition Algum Dia [Some Day], by Marina Rheingantz.. Algum Dia is the first individual exhibition of the artist. Her oil paintings alternate between abstraction and figuration, merging the image of real places with imaginary ones. The artist geometrically reduces the landscape, accentuating identifiable elements such as the fence, the house, or the canopy. Nevertheless, whether recognizable as symbols, these elements do not overlook their own relationship with other, more abstract forms, merely recognizable as parts of the scenery. These paintings also reveal a special attention to edges and margins of the color fields which stand out either through the use of thick layers of paint applied irregularly, or through the application of thin lines in bright tones, culminating in the lateral edges of the canvases painted in purple or yellow.  The painting is extremely rich with its play on textures, its decomposed colors and wide variety of tones. But most of all, it is incredibly agreeable to look at.

Many of her canvases involve the repeated presence of a small isolated house, surrounded by large fields of color. As the artist uses few elements and details, color plays a key role in her work. The colored patches mark off the spaces, create depth and balance the compositions. With simplicity and lightness, Rheingantz sets up oppositions between dull and vibrant, light and dark tones, thereby creating warm or cool environments in each of her paintings.

By leaving apparent and often ruggedly textured brushstrokes, Rheingantz evinces an intimate relation with the paint and control over it. Concerning the wide range of sizes of her paintings the artist states: “I like painting both large and small canvases. As Matisse said, in large-format painting the painter loses his/her dominance. It is as though we become one more element in the painting. In small-format painting, it is the painting which is dominated, the space is dominated. The attacks are made in a different way. They are two completely different relations, and I like both of them. The small ones are more intimist, and the big ones are more intimidating.”

Together with seven other painters, the artist is a member of the group 2000 e 8 [2000 and 8], which held an exhibition at Museu Vitor Meirelles, Florianópolis, in 2008.