Nuno Ramos

ai de mim!

Nov 10 – Dec  8, 2006

Galeria Fortes Vilaça

ai de mim! [oh pity me!], Nuno Ramos' new work at the Galeria Fortes Vilaça confirms the artist's interest in the interdisciplinary exploration of diverse artistic genres – in this case those of literature and sculpture.

The installation encompasses two huge sculptures, made from glass and steel respectively, which are in a permanent dialogue heard through two speakers installed within the pieces themselves. One emits a male voice, the other a female. Written by the author and based on the dichotomy between male and female roles, the text (which is inspired by excerpts from other playwrights' works) will echo throughout the exhibition space.

The steel sculpture takes up the entire entrance hall of the gallery and rises up to the first floor, creating a spatial cutout and clashing with the architecture. On ascending the staircase, visitors can follow the path along the work and can examine the play of balance and tension. In the upstairs, a glass sculpture, made with similar shapes, waits for them. Both works are structured by a long pipe, in which the speaker that projects the text in the direction of the other sculpture, is installed. The physical contrast between steel and glass extrapolates the visual experience and can also be noted in the male and female voices in conversation that activate the work.

The voices belong to the well-known actress Helena Ignez and the actor Luis Melo. The complete text will be available in a separate booklet.

This year, Nuno Ramos has been awarded The Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation's Grant Award for his work. The award has previously been given to such internationally known artists as Andrew Lloyd and Roni Horn. He has also been awarded the A.B.C.A's [Brazilian Art Critics' Association] Mário Pedrosa Prize.