Luiz Zerbini

Oct 31 – Dec  7, 2002

Galeria Fortes Vilaça

Galeria Fortes Vilaça is proud to present the exhibition of São Paulo artist Luiz Zerbini. In this new series of paintings, Zerbini takes light and shade as his central theme, as well as dealing with the issue of architecture.

A big figurative painting, "Mini and I in the universe, under the narcotic effects of love", functions as a fragmented narrative that comprehends elements and approaches also explored in the other works throughout the show. In this canvas the artist portrays himself lying next to his wife in an eclectic setting, that intertwines planes and textures, objects and landscape, psychedelia and geometry. A feeling of peace and contemplation gains a touch of pop humor. At first sight what looks like an idle paradise (a possible reference to painting´s timeframe) is outlined by a banal reality with its own myriad meanings. A phallic lamp shoots a green liquid up in the air. Plants intertwine on a marquee and its branches turn into a hospital tube that penetrates the artist´s arm. Domestic elements pinpoint the work, filled with personal references.

In a constant dialogue between figuration and abstract geometry, two other paintings depict a window blind that shines with the reflex of the sun. In another painting, the same blinds appear cut out of wood.

Zerbini also explores spatial issues and questions of support. In other works, geometric paintings in various sizes trace architectural references and overlap one with the other, turning the work into some kind of game of free composition.

Luiz Zerbini lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. In recent years he divides his time between his studio and the presentations and exhibitions of the collective Chelpa Ferro, which participated in the last Bienal de São Paulo.