Nuno Ramos


Aug 30 – Sep 27, 2008

Galpão Fortes Vilaça

Galeria Fortes Vilaça is pleased to present the exhibition fodasefoice by Nuno Ramos. The artist is presenting, for the first time, sculptures made of glass and stones, which arise from formal variations of two straight lines and two curves.

Ramos has been researching the combinational possibilities of this simple geometric repertoire for the last three years. This new imagetic vocabulary has recently resulted in forms that resemble scythes. In the sculptures shown in the gallery's galpão space, the scythes overlap and interconnect with each other, and are therefore nearly imperceptible.

Transparent glass tubes simulate the handles of the scythes, passing through the glass blades and stones, and standing on the floor. Similar to test tubes, these tubes contain mixtures of various liquids such as Coca-Cola and petroleum, glucose and formol, wine and vinegar. The liquids stand in counterpoint to the solidity and geometry of the black granite, marble, glass and reddish quartz. The liquids articulate opposite meanings, such as life and death, enjoyment and bitterness, industrialization and nature.

For Nuno Ramos the scythe opened a literary horizon. Exploring how the pronunciation of the Portuguese noun foice [scythe], which symbolizes death, is exactly the same as that of the reflexive verb foi-se [it went away], he created a short theatrical play. Presented for the first time in May this year at FUNARTE in Belo Horizonte, the performance involves the participation of two actresses. In the middle of the exhibition space there is a pile of straw and two loudspeakers; on top of them the actresses hold scythes, moving them slowly, while the loudspeakers shout “foda-se” [fuck it] and “foice.” – thus generating the meta-text “fuck death”. The video of this performance, made by Cao Guimarães and Beto Magalhães, completes Nuno Ramos's show in the gallery's galpão space. Once again, Ramos reaffirms his interest in working in an interdisciplinary way with the languages of the arts, in this case, literature, theater and the visual arts.

This year, the artist had solo shows at Fundação Eva Klabin, Rio de Janeiro, at Funarte in Belo Horizonte, at the CCBB in Brasília and at Galeria Bernardo Marques in Portugal.