Los Carpinteros

En el Jardín

Jun  2 – Jul  7, 2005

Galeria Fortes Vilaça

Galeria Fortes Vilaça is pleased to present En el Jardín [In the Garden], an exhibition of new work by the Cuban duo Los Carpinteros. They are three sculptures and four drawings that join humor and sociopolitical criticism with the technical precision and inventiveness characteristic of these artists.

The Carpinteiros' practice is oriented by a constant reinvention of the most varied objects and everyday situations. Forms and manners of common use are questioned, in a permanent investigation of the signification of things.

The exhibition's three sculptures are swimming pools, constructed with the same materials as a real swimming pool. They have water, tiles, ladders, and even filters and lighting. Each one of them comments, by its particular form, on questions related to public and private spaces, to notions of comfort, consumption, and social organization.

In the sculpture Vecinos (Neighbors) two houses float in a amoeba-shaped pool, moving slowly. Llena (Full) is a pool surrounded by ladders that form an infinite combination of entrances and exits. Portaviones (Aircraft Carrier) is a transposition of an aircraft carrier into a swimming pool with diving boards. The drawings contain two other projected pools: Arena which has the form of an amphitheater, and Liquido rojo (Red Liquid), a pool in the form of a basin of red water.

The Carpinteros are participating this year in the Venice Biennial in the Latin American Institute and in the Prague Biennial. Recent exhibitions include the Contemporary Arts Museum, South Florida University, Tampa and the National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana. They have also participated in the XV São Paulo Biennial and the IV Mercosul Biennial.